Z-Shaped, to maximize lakefront providing better access for both neighbors, styled to match existing roofs and trim details. Spacious deck with room for passengers, gear and docking ease. 8,000# Magnum Boat Lift w/remote control, e-gear and auto-stop.

Swim Platform to provide easy access in and out of the water. Great docking for small craft. A swimmer's paradise.

Two Piling Lift for lower installation cost for lighter boats. Mini Mag 2800# boat lift, low profile and easy to operate. A low dock for easy docking for the low freeboard on the boat.

Pergola without the climbing plants but ample shade as an owner might recline in a rocker on the spacious deck, with a swim platform and an R&G 6,000# overhead lift w/remote control.

Boat Garage remote control garage door with 8,000# Magnum Lift w/ remote control and auto stop, spacious interior with critter proof gear storage locker, shelving for boat maintenance materials, and upper deck for great lake views and relaxing.

Family of Boaters with an Ace 5600# cradle kit boat lift for the runabout, a Mini Mag 1500# lift for the sailboat, and a Mini Mag 800# lift with a custom aluminum deck for a pair of his and her kayaks. Wrap around docking with skirting and bumpers for easy access for all types of boats.

Under Construction with an upper deck addition to a turn of the century boathouse with access from above. Boat gear storage is over the boat slip.

Four Piling Roof Over a 2800# Ace Boat Lift, a perfect configuration for a small runabout. Near the shore is an 800# hand operated Mini Mag boat lift for a Laser II.

Long for Deep Enough Water for this full keel sailboat. Built extra rugged to withstand all the tugging, pushing, yanking, jerking, rearing up, etc. that sailboats like to do in rough water. A Magnum HD Universal Sail Kit with a 15,000# HD Magnum Boat Lift is a possible alternative.

Poured Concrete Sea Wall wrapped around an existing railroad tie crib to prevent erosion of beach front and hillside below home.

Oak Harbor This is one of the larger docks on the lake.

Steel Piling and Timber Wall is an attractive and simpler alternative to poured concrete.

Standing Seam Metal Roof with timber frame trusses makes an attractive roof over this Ace 5600# cradle kit boat lift. This dock is completely wrapped with skirting to take the chop off the water when it gets rough. This dock has it's own lighthouse built by the owner from mail order plans.

Three Gables, This roof over the 15,000# HD Magnum Boat Lift has a vaulted ceiling with scissor trusses to accommodate the canvas dodger on this large cruiser. The deck area also has a roof over to provide protection for people and gear.

Steep Gabled boat house provides cover for beach firewood, yacht tenders, critter proof sail storage lockers and refuge in a storm for the sailors of the classic sloop on the mooring. Easy boarding and disembarking on this low dock.

Farmers Market dock has become the Ithaca community dock of choice on Saturdays and Sundays throughout summer and fall, by the Ithaca inlet. Tour boats and dinner boats pick up and discharge Farmers Market patrons here.

Gazebo with white cedar shingled roof is the perfect spot to sling a hammock between the poles and settle into a good read or a long nap on a warm summer's day. This dock has plenty of room to tie up on either side depending on the wind direction.

A Fun Read

"Here is a fun blog on the NY state Canal system and the Finger Lakes: ShipsBlog. You may find it fun and entertaining."

Long History

“Over the past 5 years I have worked with Ron Knewstub on several different projects. Ron has done everything from installing boat lifts, to repairing old docks and building new ones, designing a boat house and is currently looking at a project to install a new retaining wall along my shale cliff.  For each and every project Ron has done an excellent job of listening to my needs as well as working with architects and engineers to produce an end product which incorporates all our requirements.  He has an excellent understanding of the issues of construction along the lakefront, both in the water and along the lake edge.  I believe that Ron’s expertise was critical during the permitting stage, which he made a simple and streamlined process for me, the property owner.  Since I am only in Ithaca for 10 weeks a year, timeliness is a critical issue for me.  Ron has always delivered a completed project by the date promised and within the budget we agreed upon.  I look forward to working with Ron on many more lakefront projects.”
—Laura L., Seattle, Washington