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The Knewstub Marine Crew

Knewstub Marine Inc. was founded in 1994 when Knewstub Construction, a small home building company, made the transition into marine contracting. Ron Knewstub, founder and president, lead the way with a strong background in sailing, boatbuilding, and homebuilding. As a transatlantic sailor Ron has a thorough appreciation and respect for Mother Nature’s awesome power in the marine environment. As a carpenter Ron has an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. These experiences combine to produce the most rugged and aesthetically pleasing docks on the Finger Lakes today. Knewstub Marine has an excellent group of craftsman, with a love for the lake environment who work together to provide each of our customers with beautiful docks tailored to their individual boating and recreational needs.

Members of the crew include:

Jia, a native Ithacan, boater, ultimate Frisbee player, with a BFA in furniture design, has been a lead carpenter with us for 7 years. Jia brings his knack for design with strong building skills to the lakeshore that requires creative solutions. As a homeowner he has bought fixer uppers and turned them into lovely homes as a hobby and a little extra income. He has a great appreciation for the environment as he likes to get away to the Adirondacks, or one of the neighboring finger lakes for recreation.

Wendy, has 16 years commercial carpentry experience. She worked on large commercial projects in Madison, Wisconsin, and built skyscrapers in Chicago including the well known Park Tower of the Hyatt Hotel chain. Wendy returned to upstate New York, to be nearer her family in Rochester. She joined Knewstub Marine in ‘05 and her skills have been a tremendous asset ever since. Wendy is an avid boater and enjoys hiking and camping in the Adirondacks and Finger Lakes Region.

Ron is the President and founder of Knewstub Marine, Inc. Prior to starting Knewstub Marine, Ron owned and operated Knewstub Construction, a general contracting company working with architects and homeowners building new homes, additions and remodeling. Prior to his contracting experience here in Ithaca, Ron built custom yachts in Maine and sailed extensively. Ron helped a friend and fellow boat builder build a 29’ modified val trimaran and sailed 2 handed to France and England from Maine. He later sailed to the Azores from Maine on a 54’ trimaran he helped build. His sailing experience has helped Ron appreciate the awesome power of nature and its apparent indifference to man made structures. This awesome power manifested itself in the early 90’s on Cayuga Lake in the form of flooding and flowing ice. The extreme weather destroyed countless docks along Cayuga’s shores. Ron built his first pile driver with a very helpful and brilliant friend, and set out on the lake to replace the docks that had washed away. Ron knew that the new docks would have to be stronger than ever. He felt that the building of docks and boathouses would be an opportunity to blend his varied experience as a sailor and builder of fine yachts and homes.

Thanks Ron...

“Ron and his crew did a beautiful job on our boathouse and dock. It looks exactly the way we wanted it to look. Knewstub Marine has shown superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is why I feel confident that I can call Ron to do extra work or make repairs at my lake property without my being there. I live out of state and trust that he will get the job done right.”
John W.