How We Do It

When someone wants work done on a lake they should call Ron Knewstub at (607) 277-1145 and set up a time to visit the proposed site. After this initial visit the lakeshore owner and Ron usually have a fairly clear picture of what is proposed. So plans can be drawn, permits obtained and a schedule set. When work begins the pilings are driven. Shortly after the pilings are driven material for the dock is delivered by barge and stacked on the beach along with several boxes of tools and hardware. Usually a crew of 2 will build the dock, with occasional help from a 3rd or even a 4th crew person. Scaffolding is built around the pilings and construction begins, framing is bolted to pilings and decking is screwed to framing. Final payment is made when all the work is done and the customer is completely satisfied.

Knewstub Marine, Inc. has a small fleet of workboats that provide support for the tasks at hand. We drive pressure treated red pine dock pilings for open pile docks and steel pilings for shoreline walls with a floating pile driving barge. We use a pontoon barge and a deck barge for ferrying material and heavy equipment as needed to the job site. Knewstub Marine works year round to bring service to our customers in a timely manner.


To move away from south neighbor line to provide better access for both neighbors at the end of the dock a Z shaped dock was used. Colors and styles to match existing roofs and trim details.


Lake Life

“Thanks Ron, as a contractor myself, I look for fine workmanship and strength in all construction jobs. Knewstub Marine, Inc. has certainly provided both traits in the dock you recently built for me. Not only is it beautiful but it's strong and solid. I highly recommend Knewstub Marine, Inc.”
Dave Reynolds
Aurora, New York